Monday, 22 October 2012

Toe this line

 I had an idea this morning: compulsory warnings for leggings.

Too ambiguous? How about this:

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Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Just last week I was commenting on the demise of civilisation, evidenced by the fact that waitresses now think leggings are pants. What sort of boss agrees with this proposition? Or are they just too scared to say 'I can see your camel toe and your arse looks huge - please go home and change'.

Jo Knox said...

I know the ones you mean. They sometimes wear an apron at the front, which fixes the camel-toe problem, but the back - complete with massive underwear line that cuts their butt cheeks in half - is out on display. How very unappetising.

Amar said...

I was walking down Oxford Street the other day and a girl was wearing leggings with a top that ended just at the waist. Horrible sight to behold on any day. However these were more tights than leggings, in the fact that they were quite see through. I got full view of the bright pink, lacy underwear that she was wearing. And to top it all off, she just had to bend over as I got closer. Another few seconds and I would have passed her! I am scarred for life. Lady with the big ass and pink underwear, what were you thinking!

Jo Knox said...

We may need to set up a support group for victims of leggings trauma.

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