Sunday, 10 February 2013

Meet my new best friend

I'm not an idle person. I find it hard to relax - there are always so many things that must be done.

Even when I've had an exhausting, stressful week, a certain voice in my head likes to remind me of these things.

I call the owner of this voice "Naggybitchfacebossybum" and I imagine she looks like this:

NBFBB's voice is the one that keeps me from recovering in bed on hungover days, like a normal person would do.

She is unrelenting. Eventually, I figure it takes more effort to ignore her than to get up and do all the things.

NBFBB is particularly annoying because nothing I do is ever quite good enough.

This past weekend, NBFBB was up to her usual tricks while I was doing some washing.

But just as I was about to give in to her, a new voice piped up from inside my head.

Now, if you're one of those people who doesn't like memes (yeah, yeah, your sense of humour is just so superior!), you might as well stop reading now. The rest of you, if the above doesn't mean anything to you, click here (or here, or here). I'll wait.

OK, we're all caught up?

Well, Sweet Brown's voice has stuck with me. When I finished the washing (and no, I didn't turn the shirt inside out, and I washed it with a whole bunch of different colours!), NBFBB decided it was time to clean the kitchen.

And sure enough, Sweet Brown came through for me again.

There's a possibility of course that she'll try to take over completely, and the voices in my head will wage some sort of battle for dominance.

But for now...

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