Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sh*t my dog ate.

Abbie lives by certain rules when it comes to eating:

1. If it's food, and it's within reach, eat it.
2. If it's food and out of reach, jump/climb/stretch/dig/pull/break to get it, then eat it.
3. If it looks or smells even slightly like food, eat it.
4. If it bears no resemblance whatsoever to food, eat it.

This means we're very familiar with the staff at our local vet hospital; I barely need to state my name when calling before I'm asked "What has Abbie eaten now?"

As a result, I consider myself something of an expert* on the digestive capabilities of labradors, but the intricacies of what is and is not toxic to dogs can be hard to remember. Hence, I've drawn this handy chart as a reference tool for common scenarios.

In case you're wondering, after eating toxic stuff dogs are given an injection to make them vomit, and then charcoal to absorb remaining toxins. I'm not sure exactly how the charcoal is administered, but I'm fairly certain it's one of the few things that Abbie doesn't wolf down with glee.

*By "expert" I mean person with absolutely no veterinary training and even less common sense. Would a smart person let her dog eat this stuff? Don't use this chart as a substitute for advice from your vet.

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Haley Ramirez said...

My dog just ate half a corn cob. Swallowed it whole - no need for chewing, obviously! How do you feel about that one? Haha ;)

Jo Knox said...

Ha! Abbie has done that too. I actually found another list of stuff she'd eaten, which I made ages ago when I first meant to cartoon this. Might have to update it!

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