Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The one where Leah lube wrestles

My friend "Little Leah" has a special gene that makes her desire - quite passionately - to do the sorts of things that most people are too embarrassed to try.

For instance, she was once at a bar that happened to be hosting a lube-wrestling competition.

Now, I am far too self-conscious to strip down to my underwear, put on a jockstrap, get smothered in lube and wrestle in front of a crowd.

 I, however, am not Leah. And public semi-nudity was not her concern.

The organisers gave her a singlet, and she had no trouble convincing one of the crowd to be her opponent.

(Never mind that a white top, when soaked with lube... Well, I don't need to draw that for you.)

Leah's defensive strategy was to lock her elbows in place and bear down with all her might so her opponent couldn't move her.

It was pretty successful, but her offensive "shock and awe" tactic was even better.

She won, of course.

Happy birthday, Leah!

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