Saturday, 25 June 2011

Wanna be starting somethin'

A cartoon about just a few of my many, many short-lived obsessions.


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Esther said...

While I'm not sure I totally buy this characterisation of "Jo K" as a chronic giver upper... I do think she has perfected her awkward sideways cringe.

Esther said...

PS. I'm sure it will be a lovely blanket one day.

Belinda said...

It's not your fault you have wide and varied interests.

BTW - I love the Penguin editions on the bookshelf picture.

Jo K said...

Esther, you know this list could have been much, much longer.
You also know that blanket will never be lovely.

Belinda, I knew you wouldn't let me down! I thought of you when I coloured them and wondered if you'd notice.

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